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Extended Reality (XR) is a set of new technologies that we use to access the digital world. Just like when we use screens to view a website or headphones to listen to music, we can use these new devices to immerse ourselves in the digital world and live more complete virtual experiences.

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Virtual Reality (VR) needs headsets such as the one above to work. You put one on your head and immerse yourself in a virtual world, kind of like being in The Matrix. There are multiple headsets available, with a wide range of price and quality. The main strength of VR is really putting a person inside virtual environments.

Augmented Reality (AR) is usually accessible through smartphones, that use their cameras to display digital information overlaid on top of the physical world, like on that game, Pokemon Go. The main strength of AR is in allowing you to merge the digital with the physical world.

Mixed Reality (MR) also need a headset like these above. But this time, the headset can work with both virtual and augmented reality. These are more sophisticated equipment, usually designed for business environments. The main strength of MR is allowing you to replicate two technologies on the same device.


There are countless possibilities for XR projects, specially those related to entertainment, education, health, commerce, architecture, arts, social impact, training and simulations. However, this will not always be the best technology for you. Here are some advantages that are specific to XR:

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Create a digital world of yours and invite people to literally walk into it. They will be able to see, hear, walk and interact with beings, objects or tasks on your world.

You can use virtual reality to visit an apartment that isn't build yet, or make a gamified experience about your brand, or use augmented reality to teach children an adults in a more interactive way, and much more! Feel free to look into more examples in my portfolio.


XR technologies allow very impatcful experiences, that can change people's perceptions, inform them and sensibilize audiences on relevant themes.


These technologies are part of the 4rth industrial revolution and we need to expand the access to them, not by increasing its indiscriminate usage but growing an engaged and critical audience that promotes responsible, innovative and high standards development of these technologies.

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This insight, and many others, are themes that I always take with me, and I know how to talk about. Look below for more information, you may be surprised.